Sunday, October 02, 2005 bloG

The choice of the banner comes out of personal love for the sea and the views of sunrise and sunsets. The sea with its rippling, rolling waves and rising, ebbing tides, its huge expanse and aching reach towards a horizon and an infinite beyond. Its alternating crystal clarity, reflection and its unfathomable depth of darkness and the unknown…A place ‘in-between’, of beginnings and endings …and a foolish longing for something ‘more’ (…) Between sunrise and sunset…between an interplay of light and darkness, blindness and sight, a meeting of ‘heaven’ and earth, of eternity and finitude.

This is it, where one stands anxiously, at the edge before a gathering and growing darkness in the world, being swallowed up in the black hole of its emptiness…while waiting in blind hope for a brightening new dawn of life, light and luxuriant joy for all humanity.

Location: Malaysia

Who am I anyway... but an insignificant drop in a sea of nothingness

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